The Speakers

Laura Urquizu

CEO Red Points,

one of Barcelona's hottest tech startups

Cristina Fonseca

Co-founder Talkdesk,

Portugal's most promising software startup

Mark Tluszcz

Chairman of Wix and CEO Mangrove Capital Partners - 

Investor in Skype, Wallapop, JobToday, Wix, RedPoints,...


6:30-6:40 PM

Yannick Oswald


6:40-7:10 PM

Mark Tluszcz

'Gender diversity works, I know this for a fact'

7:10-7:40 PM

Cristina Fonseca

'How to build a successful tech company as a woman in Southern Europe in the aftermath of the financial crisis'

7:40-8:10 PM

Laura Urquizu

'Why is Barcelona a great city for RedPoints and why gender does not matter when building a tech company'

8:10-9 PM

Networking and Community Building

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